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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poetic Justice?

I recently posted the above photo on Facebook.  I admit that I stole it from someone else on Facebook (my buddy Nick) and don’t know the original author.  However, I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen and a work of genius.  People who love books seem to enjoy it, anyway.
Now here’s the funnier part: 
Shortly after I posted this photo and laughed my head off I received an email that MTV has licensed two of my band’s songs.  What this means is that MTV can use the songs in any of their TV shows, including Jersey Shore.  If this happens it would be an excellent example of poetic justice.  One, of course, that I would encourage as it involves royalty checks made out to yours truly.
For those of you unfamiliar with poetic justice, it’s a literary device that involves irony.  In my case, I poked fun at a TV show and then found out that I may now serve to gain financially from the show (or at the very least from the show’s network) making me something of a hypocrite.  Now that’s ironic. And funny.
By the way, I still think the photo is hilarious.


  1. Major congrats on the songs. Yeah, it'd be horrible if they were on that show. Hope it's something good..wait..it's MTV. No such thing as good on that channel anymore.

    Oh well...exposure.

  2. I'm wiling to swallow my pride :)

  3. Teehee - I think it's fabulous... I love when my own snarkiness bites me in the ass - I think it's a reminder of the dangers of intellectual hubris. I'm right there with you though, my friend, right there - if truer words about book-suicide have ever been spoken, I don't know when... ;)

    I have this as my profile pic on FB currently - original source was Random House (yes, the publisher), which folded and pulled it after taking grief from Jerseyites and their idiotic "fans"... Seriously.

    And major congratulations indeed - I'd swallow my pride too. Oh - and check out my blog if you get a second - I gave you a Major Award (teehee). It's one of those "bloggers loving other bloggers" things, which I think are sweet if a bit silly, but I always pick my "winners" based on key components like snark factor, sarcasm response time, and ability to laugh at one's self, so rest assured I used serious criteria to select you... ;)

  4. Jill Elizabeth, I think we ned to start a Snarkaholics anonymous group, except that I really don't want to quit! :)

    Thanks for the award! I will need to give this some thought and post my response in a few days. Just about everything about me is random, so it really shouldn't be that hard to come up with 7 things!

  5. Teehee - I hear you... I not-so-secretly enjoy those kind of lists - it's fun to figure out what tidbits about myself I'm willing to reveal, and then to snark 'em up real good of course. I'm with you - I don't want to quit either. So how about instead we start a Snarkaholics Forever group?

  6. Love it. Maybe we can start a Goodreads group by that name :)

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  8. Poetic justice indeed! I wouldn't know if I'd be crying or laughing on my way to the bank with those royalty fees if I were you and those songs ended up on Jersey Shore! But, congratulations!

    And thank you for the comment you left on my book review!

  9. oh great! another corporate shill

  10. HAHAHA. Always loved the term 'Poetic justice'. Great poster. Even greater irony that your band may become the soundtrack. Don't you just love how real life is funnier than fiction?

  11. Truth is really stranger than fiction. If I wrote half the things that actually happened to me no one would believe it :)