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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bedtime Stories for Dogs and Cats

Just in time for the Southern Festival of Books this weekend... two NEW eBooks have been released!

A book of stories, poems, fables, and essays written by dogs for dogs.  Story topics range from mythology and magic to “tails” of misfortune, adventure, and joy.

A book of stories, fables, and essays written by cats for cats.  Story topics range from cat mythology to “tails” of adventure and magic.

Discover how much fun you can have reading to your pets!  The two books have some unique stories and some that are similar but told from a different perspective (either cat or dog).  The print version will be available in two weeks and will contain both books bound together. 
Please share this post with your friends.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these books will be donated to no-kill animal shelters.


  1. Congrats Amy on the two books that are near to my heart. No kill shelters everyone!!!I hope to see these in print one day!

  2. They are scheduled for release in print on the 25th of this month. The print version will contain both books bound back to back with a little message for dogs and cats on learning to get along right in the middle.

  3. Love the idea of these...especially if a portion of the proceeds goes to helping shelters!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  4. Hi, Melissa - If you'd be interested in reviewing these on your blog I can send you electronic copies. Just let me know.

  5. I'm enjoying these stories! Why couldn't I encounter someone like you when I was a young writer starting out?
    I was told by many that no one would be interested in cat fantasy or dog adventure. Thank God for my Creative Writing professor who told me otherwise!

  6. Kayfey - the Beatles were rejected by a record company because the company was certain that guitar music was on the way out. J.K Rowling submitted Harry Potter to nearly 30 publishers who rejected it before she finally found success. It just goes to show that the decision makers don't always know what the public wants.