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Friday, May 31, 2013

Book Expo America - Day 1

We've been on our feet for days and we're not about to stop. Yesterday was the first day of the conference and we had a lot of really nice people stop by our booth to chat. I love being around book lovers. Here's a picture of our booth. Love the artwork and the cutouts we had made.

I played hooky from the conference and left to go have lunch at the Algonquin Hotel with an old friend. I can see why Dorothy Parker loved the place. Great food and a nice atmosphere.

After the conference we stumbled upon another movie set and managed to ask a crew member about the film. It's called "Birdman" and stars Zack Galifinakas and Emma Stone. Here's the scene we saw being filmed.

I went to visit my friend and artist Michael from Michael Curry Mosaics.  Here's a picture of us on his balcony. Awesome view.

The Empire State Building in early evening.Apparently, there's an app that tells you what color the lights will be each evening. How cool is that?

Today will be another long be extremely fun day. Who wouldn't have fun when surrounded by so many books and book people!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pre Book Expo America Fun in NYC

Yesterday we were still playing the tourist when teh group I was with continued to explore the city on foot. Whether it rains or not,  NYC is a beautiful city. Check out this view of Washington Square Park:

While Nashville appears to best every other city I've visited in terms of quantity of churches, New York has some of the most beautiful cathedrals. We went inside St. Thomas and here's the view looking down the center aisle:

Spent part of the afternoon at MOMA and, in addition to the paintings and sculpture, saw some great photography.  Enjoyed the special exhibit Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light. I could post pictures of the art. Instead, here's my favorite sign inside the museum:

I finally made it to McSorely's. Great place for beer drinkers or anyone else looking for inspiration in a  glass of ale. Particularly interesting to me, since I recently started making my own beer.

Finally, here's a picture I took in Times Square while walking back to the hotel last night. The billboards stretch for a full block and the effect is dramatic. Something to think about for publicizing my next book ...

Yes, we also did some work that morning and we will be at BEA all day today discussing books - but we're also having fun while we're here, and I'm finally getting to see the city.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NYC Day 1

Yesterday we drove through 6 states and arrived in New York City for Book Expo America 2013. We arrived in early afternoon, so we stretched our legs by taking a little walking tour in the rain. Here are some highlights. 

I finally made it INSIDE Central Park! On previous trips I only saw it through the cab window as I drove by.

Nice view of one of the streets inside Central Park.

 Walking inside of Central Park and looking out at The Dakota building.

 Made it to White Horse Tavern and had dinner there. No whiskey for me.

Love the sign. I prefer to believe that it was related to Dylan Thomas and not current customers, whom I'm sure know their limits and how to behave well in public.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I Saw in Virginia

I'm on my way to Book Expo America and passed through Virginia yesterday. You know what I saw? Cows. I kept thinking about that travel slogan: "Virginia is for Lovers" and thought it should have been "Virginia is for Lovers of Cows." Don't get me wrong. These were very industrious cows. Grass doesn't eat itself, you know. Someone has to chomp it down all day and that's what the cows are for.

I tried to snap a few pictures. I passed Hurt Lane on the way to get coffee. I wondered what happened on that street to give it that name or who lives there and how the street name impacts property values. This is the stuff I think about.

We passed "Famous Anthony's Restaurant." What is he famous for? It's better that you don't know. Especially if you're planning to eat there. (Actually I don't know anything about it, but thought the name was ironic since the owner was virutally unknown).

I also saw a store called "Super Shoes." I figure that this is where super heroes go to buy their work shoes.

Travel is always interesting. I learn new things all the time. Back on the road today ...

Monday, May 13, 2013

What I Really Wanted for Mother’s Day

This year I ordered a case of wine for myself for Mother’s Day. I took the liberty of signing the card from my kids and writing a touching message that was so moving, it brought tears to my eyes. Note: I’m deducting the cost of the wine from the kids’ allowances.

While a case of decent wine is nice, I decided to make a list of the things I would have really wanted for Mothers Day. This list could be useful if my kids decide to go shopping next year. So here it is:

1. Bring Freddie Mercury back from the dead and restore him to perfect health.

2. Queen reunion tour (after #1 above is successfully completed).

3. A house with an awesome bathtub in the master bathroom so that I can have quiet time alone.

4. Someplace nice for the rest of the family to live. Hey - I’m not greedy. I want them to be comfortable, too. I just don’t want them where they can bother me all the time and ask for stuff.

5. To go to Paris. You can never be too rich, too thin, or go to Paris too much.

So, there you go, kids! You have almost a whole year to shop. But you might want to get started now because some of these could take a bit of planning. Of course, you can always pick up after yourselves, do all your homework, get good grades, clean the house, help with the chores without being asked, and stop asking for money all the time. I just figured that my list would be easier for you.