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Friday, May 31, 2013

Book Expo America - Day 1

We've been on our feet for days and we're not about to stop. Yesterday was the first day of the conference and we had a lot of really nice people stop by our booth to chat. I love being around book lovers. Here's a picture of our booth. Love the artwork and the cutouts we had made.

I played hooky from the conference and left to go have lunch at the Algonquin Hotel with an old friend. I can see why Dorothy Parker loved the place. Great food and a nice atmosphere.

After the conference we stumbled upon another movie set and managed to ask a crew member about the film. It's called "Birdman" and stars Zack Galifinakas and Emma Stone. Here's the scene we saw being filmed.

I went to visit my friend and artist Michael from Michael Curry Mosaics.  Here's a picture of us on his balcony. Awesome view.

The Empire State Building in early evening.Apparently, there's an app that tells you what color the lights will be each evening. How cool is that?

Today will be another long be extremely fun day. Who wouldn't have fun when surrounded by so many books and book people!

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  1. Well this is too cool, to happen upon such big, beautiful, birds eye news! I’ve been reading PW and The Bookseller bits, but this is personal, near as good as live at the BEA. I look forward to another day of your experience. And when you pass through VA, stare back at the cows, they’re very wise, have enlightening powers : )