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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pre Book Expo America Fun in NYC

Yesterday we were still playing the tourist when teh group I was with continued to explore the city on foot. Whether it rains or not,  NYC is a beautiful city. Check out this view of Washington Square Park:

While Nashville appears to best every other city I've visited in terms of quantity of churches, New York has some of the most beautiful cathedrals. We went inside St. Thomas and here's the view looking down the center aisle:

Spent part of the afternoon at MOMA and, in addition to the paintings and sculpture, saw some great photography.  Enjoyed the special exhibit Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light. I could post pictures of the art. Instead, here's my favorite sign inside the museum:

I finally made it to McSorely's. Great place for beer drinkers or anyone else looking for inspiration in a  glass of ale. Particularly interesting to me, since I recently started making my own beer.

Finally, here's a picture I took in Times Square while walking back to the hotel last night. The billboards stretch for a full block and the effect is dramatic. Something to think about for publicizing my next book ...

Yes, we also did some work that morning and we will be at BEA all day today discussing books - but we're also having fun while we're here, and I'm finally getting to see the city.

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