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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've Been Making Up Band Names Again...

One of my favorite hobbies is making up potential names for rock bands.  Actually, it’s more of an addiction.  Since I can’t seem to land my dream job of working in A&R somewhere that pays a lot and expects very little of me, here’s a few of the band names I've created: 
Funky Cupcake
This is an all girl band.  They could even be drag queens wearing pink tights.
Pancake Maggots
Metal band.  No other type of band could pull off “Maggots” in the name as well. 
Cheap Therapy
This one is actually being used right now by a group of guys who get together and play oldies for fun.  If they ever make any money I am going to ask for 10% based on naming rights.
Ban Jovi
A Bon Jovi tribute band that’s all banjo.  It would sound like this:   Click Here.
Actually, I think this is ridiculous, but I thought the clip was too hilarious to leave it off the list.   Play it again!!!
London Unleashed
My dog was named after Jack London and she has a very rock and roll attitude, so she deserves to have a band named after her.  I have no other reason for picking this name.
Holy Shift
A Christian rock band who really wants to make a difference in the world and not just play music.  They would manifest the love of God in such dramatic ways that the whole world would stop and say, “Holy Shift!  Love really does change everything for the better!” 
Bonus clip:  I wrote the lyrics for a song called Megatistics.  It’s written in the musical style of Megadeth but with statistical lyrics.  This might be a future cut on the Pancake Maggots CD.

Click here to listen to Megatistics.


  1. I think I like Funky Cupcake the best. Each album should have a different color of frosting.

  2. I always thought Conversational Hearts would be a good band name.

  3. "Conversational Hearts" might work well as a Heart tribute band. So many band names to create... so little time.

  4. how about fiveplay (if there are five members of the band)? or threeplay if there are 3 members. You could have catch phrases like, "when we perform, it's better than foreplay, it's fiveplay."

  5. aw man... I just googled it and it's already taken (though I guess I'm not surprised). That was all from bendenny's head though, no four play... I mean foul play

  6. Ben, the fact that it is already being used only goes to show that great minds think alike!