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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Ring to Rule them All

People who know me also know that I’m health conscious. I exercise 6 days a week and usually eat a low fat/ high fiber diet.  However, last weekend my husband and I decided to take a day off from our good behaviors.  This is when I suddenly discovered the magical powers of onion rings.
First of all, onion rings are naturally formed in the shape of a circle: the symbol of perfection.  It shows the past connecting with the future.  Like a wedding ring, the onion ring is a symbol of the eternal nature of things, such as cholesterol.
Secondly, onion rings are golden: the color of wealth and prosperity.  This further connotes the regal nature of the food and enhances the connection between eating onion rings and getting rich.  How do you think Burger King became king when he has no kingdom?  Hint: they sell onion rings there.  McDonald’s doesn’t sell them and Ronald is just a clown.  Coincidence?  Probably not.
Lastly, onions are a vegetable.  This makes them healthy.  Further, they are often eaten with ketchup, which is another vegetable.  Double healthy!  In fact, people who eat onion rings may live longer than people who think they’re too good to eat onion rings.  Plus, if you eat enough onion rings your breath will knock out potential attackers and kill just about any germ.  Added bonus. 
So from where I sit, there really is only one ring to rule them all.  And it is beer batter fried.


  1. Thank you so much for justifying my addiction with these little golden tasty babies.

  2. My husband would love this reasoning about onion rings!! He believes anything that is fried but contains meat and/or vegetable has to be healthy for you :)

  3. I love this post- and I totally agree- Onion rings would have been served on Mount Olympus, I'm sure of it! ~ Jess

  4. Jess, I think you have a valid point. I'm sure the gods on Mount Olympus played games and gave out crowns of onion rings to the winners!

  5. onion are very useful

  6. I do love onions - I even bake an onion bread. Luckily my husband loves them, too!

  7. I love onion rings except you can't find them hardly anywhere. The thinnest ones are sweet and the big hefty ones are delicious dipped in blue cheese dressing or BBQ sauce. I once had a good recipe for baked ones, but alas I need to do a little online research. Your post brought back memories of my college study hangout which was a dive coffee shop serving unlimited refills of delicious coffee and mounds of golden rings. Best of all they were open 24 hours a day! I think the coffee probably cut down on some of the grease. LOL.