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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Imaginary Numbers

People who know me well also know that I love making up words. 
For example:
Buttmunchery n. Asinine and pointless behavior designed to annoy others. 
Used in a  sentence:
“Flagrant buttmunchery will not be tolerated in a corporate setting.  All buttmunchery must be, at the very least, thinly disguised to look like a form of colleague development.”

Part of this tendency to make up words comes from my psychological training (psychologists make up words all the time because they got bored stealing from Greek).  Anyhow, since I also have a love of numbers and measurement I thought I’d make up a few numbers.  Maybe in a few years these will make it into the dictionary just like the term “Gazillion” actually did!

My numbers are:

Oodleplex: infinitely larger than a googolplex. e.g., the number of years it will take congress to agree on how to balance the budget.

Sinfinity: So much freakin’ money that it’s sinful.

Maximillion: The maximum number of millions you can earn before you’re taxed to Sinfinity.

Oopszillion: An enormous amount lost on the stock market.  At least the loss will be a tax write-off. But it's still an "oops."

Gatsbyllion: A large sum of money spent trying to woo a lover who never returns your affections. Particularly appropriate if the person of your affection is named after a flower.

Imaginarium: The huge amount that you erroneously believe you will be paid as an honorarium.

Balloonoplex: The difference between the large sum you expected to receive as an honorarium and the actual sum, which is somewhere between Planck’s constant and zero.

Alpha: The amount the top dog makes.

Diggity: A really cool looking number of any amount.  It just has to look good and maybe have a groove that makes people want to dance.

Giggleplex: A huge amount received by a lottery winner. Every time these people think about how much money they’ve won it makes them giggle.   If they’re lucky it will be greater than oopszillion and somewhere in the vicinity of maximillion. 


  1. I thought a giggleplex would be a standup comedy nightclub....
    Oh well, I love the words! Cute post!

  2. I could see that as a really big comedy nightclub!

  3. Excellent! I make up words too - frequently - and take untold grief for it - even more frequently. I am particularly fond of the giggleplex and Gatsbyllion... And would definitely go to the giggleplex, if one opened near me. Definitely. ;)

  4. Jill Elizabeth, No one should take grief for making up words. When God spoke the world into existence the cosmos probably thought he was making up words, but then those words became a reality :)

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  6. I like inventing my own words, languages, idioms and verb tenses, but usually for my fiction. I especially enjoy the story on how 'Googol' came about. This is a nice post, thanks for it!

  7. I say you publish your own dictionary. Heck, we'll publish it for you. LOL.

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