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Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Adventure In The Sky

Yesterday on Twitter I told the story of my recent journey through the air. Here's the link to Twitter so you can see the story tweet by tweet, but I've also copied it below along with the pictures. After all, what's an adventure in the sky if you don't have proof that it happened?

I went on a journey to visit a fairy castle in the sky.

I sailed around an anvil ice berg.

Surfed a cloud tsunami.

I had to cross a floating sea of popcorn.

A polar cloud bear went swimming by me.
And when she saw me she waved hello.

A little later I crossed the Great Cloud Canyon. 

Then I climbed the Cotton Candy Mountain range.

 At the top of the cloud mountain range the abominable snowman gave me a hug.

 I Skated over a heavenly ice rink.

And I finally met a magnificent cloud dragon.
We became friends.

And that was my journey through the air.
I hope you liked the pictures.
The End.

Note: all of these images are unfiltered pictures I took last week on my way home from Boston.

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