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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marriage Equality: Just Do It

I live in the Bible Belt.

I am a Christian.

I also believe in marriage equality.

I don’t know the mind of God and I refuse to put words in the mouth of Jesus.  However, I know that God is love and that wherever there is love there is God.

So you may call me a heretic*, but I can’t understand how discouraging a loving commitment to another person is justified. It looks too much like hate or fear disguised as love and that doesn't sound like Jesus to me at all.

Most of us are simply trying to find our way through this life. Being able to make a commitment to someone we love and having the ability to walk through life with that person makes this journey easier. Part of loving my neighbor is wanting the best for them and this involves not discouraging them in pursuing strong relationships in their own lives. So from this perspective, supporting marriage equality is the right thing.

*Note: Jesus was called a heretic by the religious leaders of his day.  I’m in good company.


  1. I totally agree with you on this issue Amy, and they can call me heathen and heretic all they wish, remember the "sticks & stones" saying? I do.

    That they protest in the name of God sickens me. That's not the God I worship...nor did Jesus Christ. As you wisely said, "God is love and wherever there is love, there is God."

    I truly believe that also.

  2. Interesting., but aren't you in essence saying that you do know what's in God's mind, and it can't possibly be what it says in the Bible, really for no other reason than suddenly culture has chosen to disagree with it? I won't call you a heretic, but I am concerned when Christians who should take Scripture seriously, choose to side with unbiblical ideas.

  3. Seems to me Matt...those of you who preach to others that they should take Scripture seriously expect everyone to understand why God could forgive Cain for jealous murder, Abraham for adultery, and Moses for slaying tens of thousands the same day God dictated the sixth Commandment...feel that God won't forgive gays wanting to express their love for one another with a commitment.

  4. The older I get the more I believe that we will be judged by our ability to love others, rather than our ability to follow a set of rules or police the lifestyle and behaviors of others. We resemble God the most when we love.

  5. I agree Amy. I am not religious but I certainly am spiritual. Thousands have died in the name of religion, disguised in the name of God. God is love and we are all capable of being God-like, but instead we chose to be judgemental and critical in God's name. The problem with following scriptures is that they open themselves to individual intrepretation and that is where the problem lies.