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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Making Up Band Names ... Again!

Been a little swamped in the new year, but I suddenly realized that I haven’t made up any new band names for awhile. So here we go ...

Illicit label
A Rap/ Hip Hop band that cross markets in the liquor industry to endorse a spirit of the same name. Whenever I’m in the “Wine and Spirits” store I often ask the manager for the section of “slightly mischievous but not quite evil spirits,” so perhaps Illicit Label Spirits will use my tag line on the bottles and it they will say: “slightly mischievous, but not quite evil. Illicit in both label and attitude.”

Eyesore Across the Alley
A Grunge Band, of course. All the band photos should be taken in alleys where famous people have died.

Small Gods
This is the name of one of my favorite books by Terry Pratchett and as soon as I saw the title I thought it would be an awesome band name. So here it is. After all, rock stars are really small gods in our culture so why not be honest about it?

Downtown Beaver Dam
A bluegrass band.  That jug player better hit his pitch or we’re not letting him choose the contents of the jug.

Crime Slut
This is another all girl band and all I can visualize is black leather and glossy red lips. If you dress the women appropriately it doesn’t matter what they sound like.

Your Conscience
I just think it would be funny for the band to announce “Thank you for coming to hear us. We are Your Conscience.”

For those of you who missed them, my previous posts on band names with such classics as “Funky Cupcake” and “Pancake Maggots” are located here and here.  Enjoy and keep rocking in the new year!


  1. awesome

    I would let someone from Crime Slut ruin my life if I wasn't married with children.

    Making up names is one of my favorite pastimes. I just created 7 fake bands in my novel, coming soon.

    Here's a few from my personal list - all girl band - Gas Station Daises, emo band The Anxiety Bears, cow punk band Doc Scurlock, teenage power pop band - The Bad Crayons.

    1. Those are fun names - I especially like The Bad Crayons!!!

  2. I think these bands come play out here when they put on the Coachella Music festival. :)