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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I’ll have a Mar-Go-Rita

It’s been a very hot summer.  Record breaking heat. It’s time for someone to cash in on this heat wave and this is why I’ve come up with a great new business idea.

Every summer when the heat kicks up, the ice cream truck comes around and both kids and adults rush into the street to buy a refreshing treat (or, in some cases, a stale but frosty snack that has the illusion of being a treat because of the novel situation that someone drove it to your neighborhood in a musical vehicle). In any event, it’s a summer ritual for many of us.

But what do most adults really want? Booze. What if there was a truck that drove around playing polka music that sold frosty mugs of beer?  How much faster would you run out of your house to get something like that - even if you’re still in your bathrobe? Or better yet, stay in the AC and send the kids out to the curb with your ID and a twenty and tell them that there’s an extra five in it for them if they don’t spill the brew.

There could be other trucks.  My personal favorite is the Mar-Go-Rita truck that sells margaritas (either frozen or on the rocks) as well as tequila shots for people who still have to go back to work in the afternoon and need something to get them through that next meeting. If you decide to implement this idea, might I also suggest that you have a friend drive the Fajita Nacho Truck right behind you? Because I’m going to want a snack with my Mar-Go-Rita and I may not be in any condition to drive out to get one (if you’re making them correctly).

This is a potential goldmine for the right person. Not to mention that it would solve the problem of drinking and driving because we no longer have to drive to get our drinks. Our drinks would come to us.

I’ve done my job by planting the seed of the idea. Now I’m just waiting for the right entrepreneur to implement this in my neighborhood. I’ll be on the porch waiting.


  1. Wow, it's so kind of you to give us fellow writer's some hope. A great business opportunity like this right under my nose while I'm waiting for my next rejection! To top it off, you'll join me in a few so I can drown out my sorrows! Awesome!

    1. Just name the time and place when the truck shows up and I'll be there. That's what friends are for...

  2. Amy, it's been hot as Hades here in the Margarita capital of the world also, San Antonio Texas, so I'm positive your idea of a delivery service would go over big.

    It reminds me of my 25th birthday when my neighbors decided I needed to unwind and celebrate all day long. We had a liquor store in the neighborhood that delivered tequila and by the time our husbands got off work and unplastered us from the wall...we knew the delivery guy's whole life story and he was a lot richer than he had been that morning. ;)

  3. I used to drive an ice-cream truck (Jack & Jill, in Philadelphia), and the Margarita idea never occurred to me. But a driver of one of the other trucks was selling drugs (and got caught). I don't think you're going to be able to get Mar-Go-Rita's in a truck, but you might get a few quaaludes.

  4. LOL, Amy! Send that truck my way. Particularly the Mar-go-rita truck. I'll keep a lime on hand. ~ Jess

  5. Yes Amy, send that my truck my way please :)