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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Reluctant Blogger

For several years I've been encouraged to start a blog, but I've resisted.  The reasons are numerous and I'm very capable of making up new ones at any moment.  My logic was as follows:
1. There appear to be more blogs than people to read them and blogs have become the flotsam of cyberspace.  
2. I have two audiences: one that reads my business writing/ research and the other that reads my fiction.  Creating a blog could easily confuse and possibly scare either of these audiences when they see the other half of my personality.
3. I don't have a lot of free time.
So why am I here?  Due to the persuasiveness of a few people I have decided to give this a try.  So for that handful of people I've finally given in.  After all, they deserve something for being loyal enough to buy my books.  
So here’s how I've rationalized the above issues:

1. I realize that there are a lot of other blogs out there and that not everyone will be interested in what have to say.  I'm here for the people who actually want to hear from me.

2. I'll be writing on different topics and hopefully I can explain myself well enough to keep people from getting confused.  That also means that some groups of people may like certain posts more than others.  I'm okay with that and you should be, too.  Just because someone is an author doesn't mean that every word the person writes is worth reading.  The content has to be relevant to you at that stage of your life.  I don't expect everyone to be hanging on my every word all the time.

3. I will not be making daily posts.  My goal is to post once a week to keep this within my means.

With all that said, welcome to my contribution to the pollution of cyberspace!


  1. I noticed you love clean data. Does that require a special cleaner or can I use an over-the-counter product?

  2. Clean data requires a special mind that can spot the "dirt." Over the counter products usually won't cut it in these situations.

  3. I'm in total agreement with your rationalizations. In my case the encouragement from friends was, "Instead of sending us emails, why not start a blog?" I assumed this was code for "Stop sending us emails!" but they're reading my blog which is reassuring :)