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Some people use the term "nonsense" but I prefer to use the phrase "uncommonly sensed" because it's more reflective of creative types.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Word of the Day: Dumbassery

Dumbassery   ⎪dŭm-as′-er-ē⎪

1 An eclipse of stupidity that is so severe it is blinding to anyone who looks directly upon it.

2. Behavior typical of the average teenager under the influence of hormones and/or drugs.

4. Partisan politics.

3. Activities that are sensed in neither the common nor the uncommon manner and displaying an acute lack thereof.

5. Jackassery’s first cousin.  It is therefore illegal for dumassery to marry jackassery.

The corporate report reflected the cultural dumbassery of the organization.

This sort of dumbassery is typical of Congress, but unexpected in a mature two year old.


  1. Great insight! A moment of genius that should outlive it's creator into possible perpetuity! Keep that brain all lubed up fight the effects of gravity and old age. Never accept "weakdays", "weakends", and certainly reject the idea of an entire "weak". Replacement nomenclature might include, for example, "strongdays" and so on.